Fashion Illustration Gallery are the world’s leading dealers in contemporary fashion illustration.


At SOFA London, FIG will be presenting new drawings from David Downton’s Couture Archive, recent works by Barbara Hulanicki, oversized pieces made for publication by the brilliant Gladys Perint Palmer, unique prints by Hiroshi Tanabe, drawings for Selfridges by Tanya Ling and works made by for the New York Times by Richard Haines.


The market in paintings and drawings by fashion illustrators is emerging and the opportunity to buy the best pieces by the world’s most talented is here.  The entry level price points for the time being remain low. Works start at £750 and rise in some special cases above £10K.  The genre has great appeal for new collectors of art and the most sophisticated and this appeal crosses cultures.




Contact name: 
William Ling
+44 (0)207 993 6770
FIG by appointment at The Mayor Gallery 1st Floor 21 Cork Street London W1S 3LZ United Kingdom